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Do Signal Boosters Work?

After the major pandemic that invaded the world, many people found themselves working from home.  Many of them only realised that they can’t cope with poor cell phone signal and slow data for their internet coverage.

Their automatic reaction was to report the issue to their employer.  After which the later would have to find a solution, so called a cell phone signal booster.  

A Signal booster also known as a mobile repeater / amplifier has been developed for quite some time, but eventually more people only learned of its existence & effectiveness during the Covid19 lock down.

In this article we identify the main benefits of a cell phone signal booster, and clear out all the doubts around mobile signal boosters & how they work.

Why Is A Cell Phone Signal Booster A Great Investment?

  1. It Is Now More Than Ever, A Necessity Not A Luxury!

The number one best reason to buy a mobile signal booster / repeater / amplifier is simply because the technology really really works.  If it didn’t work, you wouldn’t be able to find anyone out there providing any of those solutions.  It is a vital addition for home or business use.

  1. Longterm, Dependable & legitimate.

Our own solutions are 100% ICASA approved, rigid, sturdy and long term.  Most of our solutions are delivered with a 30 day money back guarantee, a 2 to 3 year warranty and depending on your requirements, we can offer systems that can boost all networks on 2G, 3G & LTE 4G Data all at once for up to 5000sqm or more.  When we say long term, we want you to think of any form of appliances such as a washing machine or a fridge that you buy and would usually last

  1. Easy To Setup & Operate

For any basic install, you can set up your system yourself or even a local electrician can do it for you.  All of our solutions are delivered with a full installation manual along with free technical support over the phone and via email.  Should you wish for us to install for you, we can also arrange that.  

How Does A Simple Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Look Like?

Below is a simple overview of how a basic installation looks like.  You simply need to mount your outdoor antenna on top of the roof at a reasonable height on a pole, run the cable down into the booster inside of the house or office, then plug the device into the mains with the power supply and screw on the indoor antenna.  

How Does A Basic Signal Booster Work?

The way it works is very simple; the outdoor antenna will pull the signal from the tower of the service provider / mast, then it brings that signal down into the booster which in turn amplifies the signal and redistributes better and stronger coverage in the area where the indoor antenna is located.  So to sum it up, according to the figure below it operates in 3 simple steps, 1) It receives the signal from the tower, 2) it boosts that signal and 3) it broadcasts the signal.

How Do You Know Where To Point Your Outdoor Antenna?

A very common question.  The simplest way to find out is to simply use your mobile phone outside and take a walk a few metres away from the property to see where signal is best and strongest whether North, South, East or West and once this is determined, ensure that your outdoor antenna is mounted at a reasonable height on top of the building’s roof pointing in that exact direction and that’s it.  Once your connections are done properly signal improvement will be like unadulterated magic.

  1. Crystal Clear Phone Calls & Faster Internet Data Coverage

Once you have your system properly chosen then installed, you’ll be sure to enjoy great cell phone signals to make uninterrupted calls and browse the internet with great comfort.  Depending on the package you choose, our signal boosters can cater for signal improvement of at least 25 devices (sim enabled such as mobile phones, routers, credit card machines, dongles, trackers etc…) all at once.

  1. It Improves and Increases Your Own & Loved Ones Level Of Security

A Signal Booster can truly keep you safe.  Think about it, you live on a farm and your nearest neighbour is at least 1 kilometre away from you and you need urgent assistance.  How will you be able to call for help in a state of emergency if you have no signal coverage?  Our cell phone signal boosters have helped so many farmers, and people who experience poor signal quality in so many ways, including pensioners who really need good communication for their own health security and personal protection and to keep in contact with their loved ones, when necessary.

  1. Drastically Saves Your Battery Life

Believe it or not, but improved cell phone signal substantially helps your mobile phone battery to last longer and you’ll notice that you won’t need to charge your phone as often as you used to when you had no signal. This is simply because when signal is very low, any cell phone struggles to connect to the tower / mast and while it strains to sustain or regain a stable signal connection, it ends up draining more battery life.

  1.  Our Solutions Are Healthier & Ensures Of Low Radiation Always

While a mobile phone attempts to maintain a relatively reliable signal coverage in an area where signal is always poor, it not only drains your cell phone’s battery but it also emits a lot more radiation at all times due to the low signal.  That level of radiation, although not always well documented, is the one thing that is overlooked by most people all over the world due to ignorance which increases their chances of contracting incurable diseases such as cancer.  With our cell phone signal boosters, you will be sure to eliminate this high level of radiation by improving your signal coverage once and for all while benefiting from all of the advantages that it has to offer.

  1. No Hidden Charges, No Monthly Fees & Just A Once Off Payment

With Our Solutions, once you’ve paid for your full basic kit, you don’t have to worry about subscription fees or any of the above, you’re pretty much set for a long long time.

  1. Works With Any Sim-enabled Devices

Our boosters will work with any devices that use a sim card, be it a credit card machine, a sim-enabled wifi router(s), an iPad(s), a sim-enabled laptop(s), tracking devices, dongles, CCTV cameras and many more.  They will definitely boost any devices that use a sim card.

  1.   Upgradeable, Expandable & Extendable

Any signal booster out there in the marketplace would usually accept only one indoor antenna but with us we can offer an add-on of at least one extra indoor antenna, with a 2 way splitter and extra cables for a nominal charge.  And if you need or wish to upgrade an existing system, don’t worry just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll work it all out for you.

  1.  100% Convertible, Flexible & Adaptable

Our solutions are truly all rounders.  Depending on the package that you choose and based on your requirements, we can custom build any type of solutions catered to your needs.  For example if you need a signal on the go, while travelling for business or on vacation, you can choose our vehicle boosters.  You can convert your vehicle booster into a home or office booster by adding a few extra components.  It is also possible to convert a home booster into a vehicle booster, simply add our car conversion kit to your order.  It’s just a matter of planning your setup early and in advance and also most importantly, identifying your own needs.


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