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SmartBoosters can help boost the future leader in your campus. Ensuring the students and staffs have  good mobile phone signal coverage will create a safe and conducive academic environment, this can help enhance their performance and present good result in the end

Mobile phone connectivity is not only needed for social engagements or educational purposes. It can go a long way in providing safety for both student and administrative staff. This is an issue in all college and universities campuses, from calling the emergency services, be it ambulance services – parents – and even friends to rescue them. 

For academic purposes students need to connect with their various departments and faculties and a good mobile signal is needed to do so. We have worked with numerous Universities in Africa to help improve their mobile phone signals.

Most structures in the universities old or new are constructed with materials that interfere with mobile phone signal thus preventing the radio frequency signal from penetrating into the building. Leaving both staff and students running to that favourite spot in the office near the window to answer the calls with intermittent call drops.  

Our engineers can design a solution that will bypass those obstacles and deliver full in-building signal coverage.





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Need a tailored custom signal booster solutions designed to suit the university need?

We can help draw up a detailed plan for free. Also note that a comprehensive survey of the property by our expert surveyors is highly recommended.

Our solution can boost mobile phone signals for all South African Networks Mtn, Rain, Vodacom, Cell-c and Telkom ensuring your property is fully covered with 2g /3g / 4g signal voice and data.

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