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At SmartBoosters SA we strive to ensure our products are distributed to every customer and potential customers in every corner of South Africa and beyond. And because we cannot be everywhere at all times, we need people like you to partner with us to ensure all products are distributed to the customers promptly and at the same time, you get compensated hugely depending on the type of partnership you sign with us.

Dealers Incentives


1. We will provide all products you need to get started, this includes expert advice, etc

2. You will get competitive dealers price for one of the best mobile phone boosters ever built.

3. You will get supports on website development, marketing materials and logistics,

4. We will drop-ship to your customers directly on request.


1. Do not spend a cent on keeping your own warehouse, we will ship the product directly to your customer.

2. You are free from customs clearance and fees, as the product is sent within South Africa.

3. You receive boosters within 2-4 business days.

4. We carefully pack each model and provide you with a tracking number upon shipment.

Our Products

SmartBoosters have partner with Huaptec and other manufacturers to innovate various high end mobile phone signal boosters as never seen before. our reliable and durable devices also add to our ability to offer a 3 years extended warranty on every boosters sold on our websites  Base on our expertise in the industrial sector, our products are built with carrier grade components and unique smart functions making user experience more enjoyable and easier than ever.

 Mobile App

Our digital boosters from Hiboost are packed with the latest generation IOT  integrated technology with a cloud-based application. It allows users to monitor, optimize and set up the device right from their mobile phone or tablet. The app is called Signal Supervisor free to download at Apple App Store or Google Play. This is how it can actually help you:

  1.  Find the best position for the outdoor antenna with a signal meter tool
  2.  Set up your device from anywhere at anytime
  3.  Keep informed on booster performance status thanks to push notifications
  4.  Get detailed info on your network, cell tower in service, mobile operator, etc


More Smart Functions

AGC & MGC Functions

The signal booster optimizes its performance according to the outdoor signal strength in your area. If the signal is too strong, the power of signal amplification automatically gets down. This completely avoids the interference with your operator’s network and saves the booster from overload.

Self-Oscillation Detection

Self-oscillation can occur when the booster and antenna are installed too close to each other. The booster automatically detects the problem and reduces booster gain to fix the problem.

Other Support

  1. You can always count on us in terms of marketing. We provide every our partner with:
  2. Free marketing materials in electronic form
  3.  Printed leaflets in the desired quantity
  4.  Professional consultation on promoting Hiboost products in your region
  5. Assistance in placing products on your website with a subsequent check and recommendations 

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