Mobile Phone boosters –Luxury or Necessity ?

What is a Cell Phone  Booster?
A Smart Cellular Phone Signal Booster is configured in a way that makes it wholeheartedly license exempt.
In simple words, the technology is bullet-proof network secure that possesses Automatic Gain Controls, Automatic Level Control & equipped with self-configuring AI.
It really is the latest technology available on the market place that ensures phenomenal mobile signal enhancement across the board.
In general terms a standard mobile repeater, cell phone amplifier or mobile signal booster is a technological device solution that can be used to enhance mobile phone signal such as calls, texts and data indoor coverage.
These systems are suitable for individuals with a poor reception. Many factors, including the type of insulation used at home, cause weak indoor signal.
How does it work?
The basic configuration for a mobile phone repeater is to have an outdoor antenna mounted on top of the building's roof with a signal of at least (1-2 bars).  If that is not immediately available on top of the roof or around the property that is not a problem as long as a strong system is installed with our strongest antenna mounted on a long pole on top of the roof.  Ideally a site inspection would be helpful but if that's not possible just pick up the phone and talk to us and we'd be glad to guide you through the process.
 This is then connected to a mobile signal amplifier/repeater with a low loss coax cable, which then boosts the signal and transfers it to an internal antenna. The internal antenna picks up that reception and transmits an enhanced signal to the area that didn't receive a cell phone signal originally proving a great solution to erradicate poor signal coverage once and for all.
The Potential Of A Signal Booster
The Cell Phone Booster usually needs a steady signal in the area where the external antenna is located. Ideally, it's a reliable signal but even a weak signal (0-2 bars) in combination with a strong amplifier can be adequately amplified. A mobile phone repeater will work even best if you can put the external antenna in a location where some signal is available
The Different Kinds of Solutions Available
Vehicle Signal Boosters
There are two kinds of mobile phone repeaters for vehicles:
1) The first type is the Mobile Phone Signal Booster cradle (old technology and very poor performance), which combines the amplifier and the internal antenna into one single device and can only be used by one mobile phone at a time.
2) The second type of vehicle booster is equipped with a separate amplifier and an internal antenna and can be used simultaneously with multiple phones and devices. This is an ideal Signal Booster mobile phone kit for Families, carpools, long distance travelers, and more.
Repeaters for Home & Office
A line of Signal Booster incorporates the inner antenna and amplifier, but in contrast to the old style of the patch, multi-device can be used
Simultaneously. These devices are at perfect cost and strength mix and that is why the Mini Signal Boosters are among the best-sellers.
In circumstances where you need more power to cover a wider area, there are Signal Booster packages that have various types of antennas and powerful amplifiers to cover whatever sort of situation you may need.
How to pick the best solution for you?
The easiest way to start identifying the best Signal Booster for you is to decide if the primary situation for which you need it is at home or in a small workplace, in a car, or in a large building or foundation. When you have determined that, then you need to assess how big a region you need to cover and how many devices you need to serve. Lastly, make sure that you pick a solution that supports the main mobile phone networks that you require.