Phone Booster For Hotel Signal Improvement

As a hotel owner or manager, providing excellent mobile phone signal coverage is a top priority, and all guests expect reliable mobile phone calls and data coverage as one of the must-have essentials in the Hotel.. When you think of essential amenities and services you need in order to render the best possible highest quality service in your hotel and restaurants, what do you think of? Kind and efficient personnel? A 100%. Comfortable bedding? Absolutely. What about Mobile phone signal coverage, ever consider this? Get your Phone booster for hotel!


Mobile phone signal is probably not usually among the most vital on your list, but research has proven that 80% of guests will repeat their visit if there is good mobile phone signal coverage in a hotel amongst other facilities. Travellers in recent times increasingly depend on their mobile phone for both business and personal use. 

Most modern hotels use mobile phone keyless digital check in, this system enables loyal guests to use the hotel App on their mobile phones to access a keyless entry into their rooms without joining the queue. This can only be possible with a strong mobile phone data signal in your hotel. A poor mobile phone signal means business and leisure guests will not have the ability to link up with co-workers, partners and clients on their mobile phones. Admin, maintenance and housekeeping staff also rely on their mobile phones to catch up with their daily internal communications.. 


Enabling Wi-Fi in your hotel will not solve the problem, a stronger mobile phone data signal is needed to ensure every hotel guest can connect on their terms and not compel them to use the WiFi. Both cellular data connections and Wi-Fi signal create the connectivity needed to access apps and make calls, but reliable cellular signal cuts out the extra steps of a Wi-Fi connection.

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A survey of your building is highly recommended as this might help reduce the cost of your project.
A survey cost R1500 (Depending on location), the full amount will be refunded if you go a head with the project.

Mobile Signal Enhancement With Our DAS System

Our in-building wireless-solutions provide the products and services to address the most complex mobile phones signal challenges.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS), all our boosters are compatible with all mobile broadband dongles, ensuring a future-ready solution.

A DAS is a network of sparsely separated antennas connected by coaxial cable and and our mobile device that provides wireless service within a building. A DAS system can be driven by a radio base station directly or off-air using a repeater or a combination of the two depending on the needs of the wireless service providers.

There are two types of DAS infrastructure passive and active. In a passive DAS, coaxial cable distributes the Radio Frequency(RF) signals from a base station or repeater. Splitters are then used to divert a fraction of the RF energy along the horizontal floors of the building through coaxial cabling. An active DAS is similar to a passive system, but uses fiber-optics to transfer the signals for long distances without losses along the way,before going into coaxial cable for the final transmission.This type of system (often called a hybrid-fiber-coax DAS) is broadband, scalable and extremely flexible.

Every DAS infrastructure used in a solution requires a signal source. Networks outdoor signal play an influential role in the DAS infrastructure requirements to ensure the solution matches the operator’s voice and data needs. 

Our Solutions have been tested to stand the times in terms of quality, reliability and durability.

Signal Improved From Little/No Bar:

                                                        To Full Bars

Our engineers will work with you to design and install systems that will improve your phone signal


Request for a solution by calling us or filling our contact form. our team of engineers may recommend you book a survey. or send a floor map of the property for analyses . A survey is always recommended because it does enable us to quote you effectively. it will require on of our engineers visiting your property on a greed date. 1) Evaluate the signal situation in your building 2) determine the amount of materials needed to complete the job 3) be able to check for access and cable route in the building. A survey fee is charged at R2700 but refundable as a deduction if you go a head with the project.


After you have agreed on a price and the agreed money is paid in full. our team of installation engineers will arrange a visit to commence the installation. A DAS system will be used to provide your solution, this involve mounting a high power outdoor antenna at the highest best signal point on the roof of the building, running coax cable from the antenna to our custom booster that will be mounted inside the building. A network of cables with antennas attached on each end will be ran from the booster to various part of the building where signals need improving, The indoor antennas ensure signal is properly distributed in the building.


After the installation is completed our engineers will test run the system to ensure everything is working perfectly. But before the engineers leave the site, they will take a walk around with you and ensure you are satisfied with the installation. once you are happy and confirm this the job is then sign-off by our engineer. All our customs solution are parked with 2 years warranty. We will leave you happy with full mobile phone signal coverage in your hotel.

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To put an end to poor signal frustration, ensure your facility is equipped with good signal coverage.  phone signal booster: And this can be achieve with our phone booster. This is a system that will transform a poor signal into five bar signals in each room. Choose your hotel signal booster based on the size of your hotel and you’ll never hear your customers complain that they don’t have signal again.

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Keep them busy with good phone signal while they are waiting for that desert or main course meal to arrive. Give your customer a chance to call their friends and love ones to join them for lunch or dinner in your restaurant by ensuring there is good signals in the building for them. Because once they are bored and gone, they are gone 

Lets help you keep them by improving your in-building signal

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From Capturing that moments of excitement among friends, taking selfies and calling the taxi. Mobile phone signal will go a long way to making this happen. Having a good mobile phone signal coverage in the building will add fun to your customers experiences and also help them relax and repeat their visit.

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Niteclubs are particularly known for having little or no pnone signals. This is largely due to the facts that most niteclubs are located in basement of buildings, and are always padded with sound proof materials. This materials tend to deter RF signal from penetrating into the building. Our engineers can design a solution that will help improve signal coverage in your Nite Clubs and Club Lounges in basements. 

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We can improve one or all of these networks

Let’s help improve your mobile phone signal with a solution completely tailored to suit your need .
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