Improve Cell phone signal in Hospitals

Our custom solutions can take your building from No-Signal level to a Full-signal coverage.

Our engineers can help design custom solution to suit your signal coverage needs. All our solutions come with a 3 years manufacturers warranty which means 3 years rest of mind. Our solutions can improve mobile phone signal and enhance high speed mobile data coverage for all South African networks, 2g/3g/4g.

Who will benefit from improve mobile phone signal

Medical Personnel


Medical Devices


Making sure all Hospital Personnel including doctors, nurses, hospital executives stay in touch and make life saving calls at all-time. Doctors and emergency workers using mobile phones as dedicated communication channel have proven to be more effective than beepers.

 Patients being able to get in touch with their families and love ones does matter. Every patients need some form of TLC and assurance that they will be okay. Making sure your patience can make and receive calls at all-time on their mobile phone can help give that opportunity. 

Modern life saving devices in the hospital are powered through data conectivity. With good mobile phone data signal coverage in the building you are guaranteed to keep those devices working and ultimately your patients life not at risk.

Providing full mobile phone coverage in ambulance depots will adds efficiency to how fast they can response to calls without intermittent drops. We have designed and improve signal coverage in ambulance depots around South Africa.

Best South Africa Mobile Phone Signal Boosters Suppliers

SmarBoosters is South Africa best mobile phone signal suplier and installers with many years experience in mobile phone signal boosters Business. After every installation our expert installers will supply you with all the paper work needed to ensure the boosters install are ICASA licence excempt approved. It is paramount to note that our boosters are legal in South Africa and we have the best installation engineers. Our primary focus is to make sure we use reliable, durable and approved licence exempt custom booster to complete your installation. Our installation engineeers will make sure they leave you in the end with full mobile phone signal coverage in your property.

We are local and proud.  From our customers service team, surveyors, Schematic team and installers all based in South Africa. We are aproved to install boosters that will improve all south African networks including voice and data, 2g/3g/4g.

Visiting your site and Installation process

In addition to our professional installers on site, we will alocate a dedicated manager to manage your project. He will prepare and send all the required paper work to the client. Once this is recieved and a date is agreed, our installers will move to the site. They will start the installation working closely with your team on site to ensure a perfect, effective and successful installation. A DAS system will be used to optimise your mobile phone signal coverage.

DAS (Distributed antenna system) Explained

Most modern large buildings are constructed with materials that deter mobile phone signal from penetrating into buildings. Some of the material may include fabricated glass, materials used for insulation like foils. Metal material and concretes also blocks mobile phone signals from penetrating into buildings.

Our Signal booster can help improve signal coverage for Mtn, Vodafone, Rain, Cel c networks in hospital  large building

 With the Passive DAS (Distributed antenna system) you pay a fraction of what you would pay the network provider to solve this. In this system an Outdoor antenna is mounted on the highest point of building with good signal usually on the roof. This is then followed by a coax cable connected to the antenna on the roof and access into the building to connect to the booster. Depending on coverage area, coax cable/s is then ran from the booster to various points in the building where signal improvement is required. The Booster pulls in signal from outside with the help of the high power outdoor antenna through the coax cable . This signal is then filtered by the Booster and redistributed through out the building with the use of indoor antennas attached to the end of the coax cable.

We use customs solutions  tailored to suit your signal need to enhance cell phone signals in large buildings,

Suffering from Poor Mobile phone Signals?

Is your building suffering from a poor mobile phone signal?
We can help improve this for you.
Leaving you with Full signal coverage

We have solutions for all of this.

Boost Your Mobile Phone signal

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