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Offices & Warehouses

Custom Boosters For Offices and Warehouses

we can improve signal in all buildings

Send us a floor plan and our engineers will design a solution to suit your need.

Distributed Antenna System for Large Offices and Warehouses.

Our professional Installers will use (DAS) Distributed Antenna Systems to provide tailored custom solutions to suit your office needs for voice and high speed data signal in areas where phone signal is weak indoors. SmartBoosters only use ICASA  license exempt equipment. 

Our experts have established that there are two main reasons why some buildings have low signal coverage.

1)  If the signals outside are quite weak and lack the strength to penetrate inside the building   possibly as a result of the outdoor antenna being too far from the base station.

2)  The materials used in the construction of the building is another factor that can affect the way mobile phone signals penetrate into the building. This might be caused by either the thickness of the walls, treated glasses used and the metals also used for construction.

Our smart solutions have the ability to resolve these problems, this is done through the use of DAS systems. The system works by signals being pulled from outside using an outdoor antenna into the Booster mounted inside the building through a Coax cable. This signal is then filtered  and distributed throughout the building via indoor antennas attached at the end of each coax cable that runs from the booster.

We guarantee full mobile phone signal coverage in the building 


Get Full In Building Mobile Phone Coverage

The frustration of being on a very important calls trying to close that deal and you keep getting cut out intermittently as a result of poor mobile phone signal coverage in your office building. Offices and Warehouses buildings have been plagued with lots of intermittent drop calls over the years. And who keep getting the blames? The network provider.

The truth is that the network providers are actually not to blame in most cases. The type of materials used in the construction of these buildings prevent mobile phone signals from penetrating into building. But our solutions are designed to by-pass these obstacles and amplifythe signals in the  building.

Our systems can help amplify mobile phones signals in large office buildings and warehouses for all South African network  2g 3g 4g voice and data. All our systems comes with a 3 years manufacturers warranty that is three years of rest of mind and are all ICASA licence exempt.

Poor signal in your office and warehouses can affect business performance.

Your staffs needs good mobile phone signals in the offices and warehouse for effective communication and proper logistics coordination.

We Can Help You With This.

A survey of the property is highly recommend as it will help gather informations on

  1. Access 
  2.  Cable routing
  3.  System needed 
  4.   Numbers of indoor antennas required
  5. Materials needed for the project
  6.  Total cost of the project
  7.  Estimated numbers of days required for installation.

And ultimately reduced the total cost of materials and installation.

How Does it works?

After you contact us, we will agree on a date for our engineers to visit and conduct a physical survey of the building to determine your specific needs.This survey is totally free of charge if you proceed with the project. After the survey the information will be analysed by our team of engineers to come up with a recommendation on the type solution, costs and time frame for installation. After you agree to this report and the agreed amount terms are met, our installers will move into site with all equipment to start the installation.

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All Installation are done by experience installers with ICASA Licence Exempt Solutions.