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Boosting A Cell Phone Signal Using A Panel Antenna

Panel Antenna
Wall Mounted Panel Antenna

Panel Antenna

A directional antenna, like a panel, is an antenna that only sends and receives radio signals in one direction. Compared to a yagi antenna, which typically has a narrow transmission beam, a panel antenna’s larger beam enables the signal to cover a wider region.

Because it is still directional, a panel antenna often has a greater gain than an array. This implies that, in comparison to an antenna with a lower gain, it can emit a stronger signal and receive a weaker one.

A panel antenna should be used as the inside antenna for a cell phone signal booster system most of the time. The inner antenna’s job is to direct the amplifier’s amplified signal into the previously under-represented or low signal area. 

The external antenna could be a panel antenna,However, we normally advise the use of YAGI ANTENNA with a wide beam in such circumstances if it were intended for outdoor usage and you wanted to cover a greater region.

If you’re putting together your own kit, ensure the antenna you select is made to operate with the amplifier since panel antennas, like all antennas, are built for certain frequencies. If you’ve read about omnidirectional antennas, you could believe that using one as the inside antenna positioned in the center of the area would be preferable.

We advise utilizing a panel antenna instead of an OMNI ANTENNA since it frequently offers an even better signal due to its greater gain. The placement of a PANEL ANTENNA during signal booster system installation has two basic alternatives.

The best solution in a long, narrow room is often to put the panel antenna on one of the small walls that faces the long expanse. This will cover the entire region with a powerful signal, although it might not extend to the areas next to the panel antenna directly.

Installing the panel antenna in the ceiling and pointing downward is a preferable alternative if you’re seeking to cover a bigger area or numerous stories.

The radio signals from the antenna will bounce off of the interior flooring, despite the configuration appearing to simply cover the area right below the antenna and walls which will cause the signal to extend over a wider coverage area. 

With this method, a single panel antenna can cover an area of 4000 to 5000 sq ft, this will highly depend if it is an open space area or is a confined type. of space. You can also buy other ANTENNAS here.


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