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Parabolic Antenna 2G & LTE 4G / 5G

Original price was: R2,990.Current price is: R2,890.

Key Features

  • Gain of 13/16 dBi
  • Broadband (890~960/1920-2180 MHz)
  • Easy to install & weatherproof
  • Low VSWR and return loss, stable performance
  • Rated Wind Resistance Velocity 210km/h


Upgrade Your Signal Strength with Our Dual Band Parabolic Directional Antenna


Are you tired of dropped calls and slow internet? It's time to take control of your signal strength with our top-of-the-line Dual Band Parabolic Directional Antenna.

Why Choose Our Antenna?

Our Parabolic Directional Antenna boasts the highest gain among outdoor antennas, with an impressive 13/16 dBi.

What Does This Mean For You?

It means you can pull signal from service provider towers even from greater distances, ensuring that your compatible signal booster performs at its absolute best.

How Does It Work?

Pointing our antenna towards the nearest mobile station is the key to maximising its efficiency.

By doing so, you're ensuring that you're getting the strongest possible signal for seamless calls and blazing-fast internet.


Our antenna is designed to support 2G GSM, LTE 4G & Even 5G on all major networks, including Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, Cell C, Rain & All Other Networks From Other Parts Of Africa.

It's also compatible with WLAN systems for GSM, DCS, and LTE 4G/5G, ensuring that you're covered no matter which network you're on.

Important Note

It's essential to remember that all antennas are passive and need to be connected to a booster, repeater, or amplifier to deliver improved signal.

A standalone antenna won't work miracles—it needs the support of a booster to truly enhance your signal strength, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

Enhance Your Connectivity

In some cases, our antennas can also be used with other compatible devices, such as routers if you have the right connectors and cable adapters etc.

While not guaranteed, it's worth exploring if you're looking to enhance connectivity beyond just your mobile devices.

If you're unsure about compatibility or need more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We're here to help you to make the most informed decision for your connectivity needs.

Upgrade your signal strength today with our Parabolic Directional Antenna and experience the difference firsthand.

Say goodbye to dropped calls and slow internet data, and say welcome to seamless connectivity wherever you are.


Frequency Range890-960/1750-1830MHz
PolarizationVertical/ Horizontal
Horizontal Beamwidth9.5°
Vertical Beamwidth13°
Maximum Input Power100W
Lighting ProtectionDC Ground
Connection TypeN-Female
Weight2.2 kg
Dimension440 x 350 x 110 mm
ColorMetallic Grey




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