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All 3G Data Vehicle Booster

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SKU: SVB2100

Key Features & Benefits

  • All South African 3G Networks (MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Cell-C etc…)
  • Compatible with more than 90% African Network, contact us for more info.
  • Coverage: Areas up to 250 m²
  • Full kit with all basic installation components
  • Officially CE- and RoHS-certified
  • Up to 20-35 users simultaneously
  • Advanced MGC (Manual Gain Control) / 1dB Step
  • ALC (Auto Level Control)
  • 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Warranty


Improve Your 3G Data Network Cellphone Signal For All Networks On-The-Go

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever.

Whether you're on a road trip, commuting to work, or simply running errands, having reliable mobile signal can make all the difference.

That's where our innovative vehicle boosters come in.

The Importance of Connectivity On-The-Go

In an increasingly digital world, being disconnected can have significant consequences.

From missed business opportunities to disrupted communication with loved ones, unreliable mobile signal can be frustrating and even costly.

Whether you're traveling for work or leisure, having a reliable connection is essential for staying productive and connected.

Introducing Our Versatile Vehicle Boosters

Our vehicle boosters are the solution to your connectivity woes.

With the ability to adapt to any setting, whether indoors or outdoors, our boosters provide reliable signal enhancement for a variety of sim-enabled devices such as cellphones, credit card machines, iPads, and more.

Below is a basic list of the most popular ones:

  1. Smartphones: Devices like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel, and others are perhaps the most ubiquitous SIM-enabled devices globally.
  2. Tablets: Tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab series, and others often come with SIM card slots for cellular connectivity.
  3. Smartwatches: Modern smartwatches like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and others often have variants that support SIM cards for standalone connectivity.
  4. Laptops: Some laptops, particularly those designed for mobile connectivity, come with SIM card slots or support external USB modems for cellular data.
  5. GPS Trackers: Devices like car GPS trackers or personal GPS trackers often use SIM cards to transmit location data.
  6. Fitness Trackers: Some advanced fitness trackers offer SIM card support for features like GPS tracking and cellular connectivity.
  7. Vehicle Telematics Systems: Systems installed in vehicles for tracking, diagnostics, and connectivity often utilise SIM cards for data transmission.
  8. Home Security Systems: Certain home security systems, particularly those with remote monitoring capabilities, may use SIM cards for cellular communication.
  9. E-readers: Some e-readers, such as certain Kindle models, offer optional cellular connectivity for downloading books and accessing online content.
  10. Digital Cameras: Certain digital cameras support SIM cards for transferring photos wirelessly or for direct uploads to online platforms.

From mobile phones to sim-enabled Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi dongles to CCTV cameras, our boosters ensure that you stay connected no matter where you are.

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

What sets our vehicle boosters apart is their unmatched performance and reliability.

This particular Vehicle Booster is designed to boost 3G data primarily on all major networks in South Africa, including MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C, Rain, and on all other networks in other parts of Africa, such as in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and more...

Our boosters deliver uninterrupted connectivity on the move.

Say goodbye to unreliable 3G internet data and hello to fast, stable connections wherever you go.

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Simple Installation and Operation

We understand that simplicity is key when it comes to installation and operation.

That's why our vehicle boosters are designed with ease of use in mind.

With simple installation instructions and intuitive operation, you can enjoy fast 3G internet data without hassle.

And if you ever encounter difficulties, our customer support team is available to assist you every step of the way.

Free Delivery Nationwide Within South Africa & 3 Year Amplifier Warranty

In addition to unmatched performance and reliability, we also offer free delivery via Courier Guys Nationwide within South Africa & cost-effective shipping options to other parts of Africa.

A 3-year warranty for peace of mind. We believe in standing behind our products and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with their purchase.

That's why we offer a 3-year warranty, allowing you to return the device within 30 days for a full refund or an upgrade if you're not completely satisfied.


Don't let poor mobile signal hold you back. With our versatile vehicle boosters, you can enjoy seamless connectivity wherever you go.

Whether you're traveling for work or leisure, our boosters ensure that you stay connected and productive on the move.

Say goodbye to unreliable 3G internet data and hello to fast, stable connections with our innovative vehicle boosters.

Choose the perfect booster for your needs today and experience the difference for yourself.


From 1 To Full Signal Bars

What's Included In The Box

  • 1 x 3G  Mobile Booster
  • 1 x Full Car Converter Kit
  • 1 x Easy to work with Installation Manual

Licence Exempt




Product Specifications

GainUL 24~55dBDL 29~60dB
PowerUL Max 19dBmDL Max 18dB
FrequencyUL 1920~1990MHz – DL 2110~2180MHz
Ripple in Band≦ 5dB
Spurious Emission ≦ -30dBm ~ -36dBm
Max Noise Figure≦ 6dB
Return Loss≦ 3dB
Time Delay≦ 0.5μs
MTBF> 50000hours
Power SupplyAC100~240V 50~60Hz / DC12V 2A (Included)
Power Consumption < 10 Watt
Impendence50 Ω
ConnectorN-Female as standard
CoolingHeatsink convection cooling
Dimensions (DxWxH)230x130x34mm
Weight1200 Gram
Environment ConditionsIP 40
Humidity< 90%
Operating Temperature10°C – 60°C




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