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Vehicle Booster 4G / 5G Pro

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Network: Telkom 2G Voice Calls & Sms and 4G LTE Data for All Other Networks
  • LTE 4G /5G For Rain, Vodacom, Cell-C, MTN & More
  • Compatible with more than 90% African Network
  • GSM & DCS Frequency: UL 1710~1785MHz DL 1805~1880MHz
  • Coverage: Areas up to 500 m²
  • Constant and clearly remarkable 2G Call Enhanced For Telkom
  • Strengthened High-Speed LTE 4G Data
  • ICASA Approved
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3-Year Warranty


Vehicle Booster 4G / 5G Pro - SVB1800P

Supercharge Your Mobile Network: Our LTE 4G/5G Vehicle Booster Ensures Seamless Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime | Stay Connected for Business or Leisure | Boosts All Networks Without Fail!

This particular Vehicle Booster will boost signal primarily for LTE 4G & 5G Data for all networks.

On the other hand Telkom Voice Calls & Sms 2G GSM will also be boosted.

Our solutions offer remarkable versatility, providing portable, convertible, electronic, and automatic repeaters, amplifiers, and boosters.

This allows them to easily transition into vehicle boosters, whether stationary or mobile.

Installation options are flexible, whether indoors or outdoors, such as in containers, caravans, or any roadworthy vehicle.

Moreover, our solutions extend beyond boosting mobile phone signals, amplifying signals for various technologies operating on compatible frequencies using a SIM card.

This includes credit card machines, Wi-Fi dongles, iPads, tablets, CCTV cameras, laptops, trackers, and more.

The challenge of unreliable GSM mobile signals for 2G voice calls, SMS, 3G, and 4G is prevalent, especially in vehicles. However, our solutions offer impressive stability and reliability, effectively addressing the frustration of poor mobile signals.

Factors like natural power loss in wireless communications and environmental influences, including shadow effects from buildings, can exacerbate signal challenges while on the move.

vehicle booster Vehicle Booster Pic 2

A car mobile phone booster is the ultimate solution to your connectivity woes.

It liberates you from missed business opportunities or important calls, especially during travels.

If you're facing mobile coverage issues on the road, our range of vehicle boosters has got you covered.

Our automated system suggests the best booster based on your region, mobile provider, and coverage needs.

Powered by GSM 1800MHz for Telkom 2G voice calls & SMS primarily, it also enhances LTE 4G/5G data for all major networks such as MTN, Cell C, Rain, Vodacom in South Africa & other networks such as Mascom, Orange, BTC, TeleCel, Econet, NetOne, Airtel and many more throughout other parts of Africa. While it may occasionally boost Telkom's LTE 4G, it's advisable to verify the frequency with your local operator.

Experience seamless connectivity with our exceptional vehicle booster, ideal for improving erratic or non-existent mobile signals and enjoying high-speed LTE 4G / 5G data.

Installation and operation are hassle-free, ensuring uninterrupted LTE 4G / 5G Data calls on your apps and fast data upload or download speeds.

Should you encounter any installation difficulties, our customer support is readily available to assist you. Plus, free delivery via courier guys within South Africa & enjoy cost-effective shipping for the rest of Africa and a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind, with the option for a full refund or replacement within 30 days.

Product Specifications

GainUL 35~70dB  DL 33~65dB
PowerUL Max 20dBm DL Max 19dB
FrequencyUL 1710~1785MHz DL 1805~1880MHz
Ripple in Band≦ 5dB
Spurious Emission ≦ -30dBm ~ -36dBm
Max Noise Figure≦ 6dB
Return Loss≦ 3dB
Time Delay≦ 0.5μs
MTBF> 50000hours
Power SupplyAC100~240V 50~60Hz / DC12V 2A (Included)
Power Consumption < 10 Watt
Impendence50 Ω
ConnectorN-Female as standard
CoolingHeatsink convection cooling
Dimensions (DxWxH)230x130x34mm
Weight1200 Gram
Environment ConditionsIP 40
Humidity< 90%
Operating Temperature10°C – 60°C




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